Woodleaf Speedway

3345 Potneck Rd

Woodleaf, NC 27054

Donnie Williams


Adults: $10
Kids 7-12: $5
6 & Under: Free
  2015 Flattrack Motorcycle Schedule: 

March 7th - Practice
April 11th 
May 2nd
June 6th
August 1st
August 29th 
October 3rd 

We may get one more date in somewhere! 


1st Practice Day is Saturday - March 7th...Karters & Motorcycles - controlled practice ~~~Gates opening at 10 & practice will be as soon as track thaws & can be packed...concessions will be open also!    

2015 Kart & Flattrack Schedule is Posted

We welcome Carolina ATV Flattrack Rider Series ATV racing to the track on May 22nd & June 27th! Should be some exciting action.   

 * Buddy Waller Memorial Race March 21st *
                           Money Race
We will be racing on March 21st in memory of the track founder, Buddy Waller. Gates will open at 9 am along with registration. Practice will be 12ish with qualifying immediately following. Then we will roll on into racing. 

For the racing details: 

Clone Lite, Clone Medium, Clone Heavy, Senior Champ 425, Clone Super Heavy & Clone 425: $55 entry fee (16km or 100% payback less emt/insurance/transponder fee)
1st $500 2nd $250 3rd $100 4th $55

Pro Buddy Race: Adult Clone 375. $65 entry 1st $1000 2nd $300 3rd $150 4th$75 (16km or 100% payback less emt/insurance/transponder fee) 

Jr 1 A, Jr 2 A, Jr 3 A: $40 entry (10km or 100% payback less emt/insurance/transponder fee) 
$300 $100 $50 

Senior Champ 410, Predator 365, Minigrands: $30 entry (8km or 100% payback less emt/insurance/transponder fee) 
$150 $75 $50 

Advanced Pee Wee $25 entry fee. Pee Wee $15 entry fee. 

All Junior "b" classes will be $25 with half the field being paid. 

We will be practicing on March 7th & we will be racing on March 14th - to give you a couple of chances to get on the track prior to this race. I have already received parking requests for just this race so if you want to secure parking, let me know. 

We look forward to remembering our dear friend and mentor with you on this day. 


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AKRA Rules

Please No Alcohol

No Sunday Practices

Thank You to our Flattrack Motorcycle Track Sponsors

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