Woodleaf Speedway

3345 Potneck Rd

Woodleaf, NC 27054

Donnie Williams


Adults: $10
Kids 7-12: $5
6 & Under: Free
  2014 Flattrack Motorcycle Schedule: 

September 6th - 6th points race
Octpber 4th - 7th points race
  November 1st - Points Awards & Money Race 

September 6th  - all classes except 50 cc class are a $25 entry fee...payback will be 100% less emt/insurance/points fund. 

50 cc class will be $15 with trophy payback! 

Thank everyone who supported the track Friday night!  We also must thank the Lord above for keeping the weather away so we could get our racing in. 

Our next flattrack Motorcycle event is       September 6th!

Woodleaf Speedway Friday Nite Racing 8/29/14

We are planning to race this coming Friday night, August 29. Gates will open at 4:30 & practice starting at 6:50 with the senior champs & minigrands. 

Entry fees for all adult classes are $35. With 10 karts, payout will be $300, $100, $50. If we have 16 in any classes we will pay $500 to winner & add $25 for 4th place finisher. 

Now for Jr 1, Jr 2 & Jr 3 - entry fee will be $35 & with 5 karts, winner will take home $150 with 2nd paying $50. If you have 10, we will do the adult payout. This will give the kids a chance to take home a little money. 

Pee Wee will be $15 with trophy payback & Advanced Pee Wee will stay at $25 with 100% payback less emt/insurance fee. 

The "B" classes will remain at $15 with half the field being paid. 

Have a blessed week & we'll see ya Friday. 


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AKRA Rules

Please No Alcohol

No Sunday Practices

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