Woodleaf Speedway 2014 Schedule

Here is our racing schedule for the 2014 racing season.

September 12th - kart race
September 19th - kart race (13th points race) 
September 26th - kart race
October 3rd - kart race (14th points race) 
October 4th - motorcycle race (7th points race) 
October 10th - kart race 

October 24th - kart race (15th points race) 
October 31st - kart race 
November 1st - motorcycle race - Points Celebration & Money Race 
November 8th - SATURDAY - kart race
November 15th - SATURDAY - Points Celebration & Money Race 

Woodleaf Speedway Tommy Boger Memorial Race 10/18/14

Its that time again, in which we will gather to race in memory & honor of Tommy Boger. We will be racing this year on October the 18th, which is 2 days prior to his date of death in 2006. The motto is gone but never ever forgotten. 

Racing details: 

Gates open at 9 (along with registration) - practice will begin 2-2:30 with two rounds, then we will move onto qualifying all classes except the Pee Wees, Advanced Pee Wee and Minigrands. 

Gate fee $15 Adults, $10 kids 7-12, 6 & under free. (we will be donating the extra to Dustin's college fund)

Pee Wee: $15 entry with (big) trophy payback 

Advanced Pee Wee: $25 entry fee with cash payback & trophy(sponsored by Pedulla). 

Clone Lite, Clone Medium, Clone Heavy & Senior Champ 425: $65 entry fee $1000 payback 

Clone Super Heavy, Clone 425: (14km) $45 entry $500, $200, $100, $75 

Jr 1 A , Jr 2 A, & Jr 3 A: (10km) $40 entry $300, $150, $75, $50 (the class with the most entries will be racing for $500 to win)

All "B" classes for the kids entry fee will be $25 & we will pay back 1/2 the field. 

Senior Champ 410, Minigrands, Predator: $40 entry, payoff based on entries. 

Pro Tommy: $65 entry fee (16km) $1000, $300, $200, $100 (you must run another adult class) 

The UAS Unlimited Allstars will be racing with us also. 

Any class not meeting kart minimums will be 100% less emt/insurance/transponder fee. 

All parking must go thru Anita - if you need parking for this race its $20 a day, we will need your truck & trailer size. 

Anyone who has yearly parking, please let me know for sure that you are coming.

We will begin raffle sales this week(the drawing will be on October 18th) & you do not have to be present to win: Prizes include(so far):
Tod Miller Motor, Maxxis Tires(Goldspeed), Prep Package from Track Tac, Set of gears from Nitro Manufacturing, $100 cash. 

These folks are also sponsoring to help cover the payouts, The Detail Shop, Carolina Air & Lube, Williams Racing Engines, Pedulla Excav & Paving, Checkered Flag along with Williams Therapeutic Massage. 

Anyone else who wants to help us by sponsoring for this race, please let us know!

We also want to thank our track sponsors who have helped us all year: K&K Trucking, Zooom Parts for Karts, Williams Racing Engines, Tod Miller Racing Engines, Pedulla Excav & Paving, Piedmont Kart Shop, Pro-Tint, Checkered Flag, Phantom Racing Chassis, Trick Olympic, Kara C's Photography, Wicked Graphics, MC Motorsports, G-kart Graphix, Nitro Manufacturing.

Make your plans to join us and lets make Tommy proud! 


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